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Rated Horse Show Adventures - Chapter 2

We are back at it again. February brought ice, ice, and more ice. After our return from the January show, we hit a bout of winter in Virginia. So with only a few lessons under our belt, we make another trip since the weather seems to be promising at the end of February. Knowing we didn't have tons of time in the saddle due to the multiple ice storms, our goal was to enjoy riding for an entire weekend.

Faith and the little monster had 2 days to just ride for they had to show. It was great to just relax and hang out prior showing. You could tell Faith was less stressed at this show. Maybe it was because this was her second time jumping the new height, or it could have been she had a couple of teammates that were also showing that helped distract her.

Thursday was bath day!!!! It was warm enough to give the little monster a full bath. He was one filthy pony. He was able to get a full bath and spent the day walking the grounds and cheering on his other horse friends ring side. Thursday night

Faith and Tonto cheering on a teammate ringside.

ended with a little Drive Shack Golf! A little non horse activity calms the nerves.

Friday was the Schooling Division. I learned my lesson from last show and DID NOT repeat my mistake of entering her in the large ring equitation classes. Their first trip was outstanding and they took 2nd out of 20, which was a great start. It was great that this show started off on a better foot that the first show.

Saturday was the beginning of Green Pony Hunter Division. I was a bit nervous since Faith and Tonto struggled and had some refusals the last show. The 2 of them went into the ring and had 2 solid trips, with no refusals! Tonto did get a little fast, but I think he was just so excited to jump and he felt that his rider was much more confident. Saturday night was fun as there was pizza along with beer and wine. NOTE: This is one of the best things about rated shows! COVID has limited what they can do, but the hospitality is what sets the rated shows apart from local shows. Let's be honest after a few days at a show with your teenager, a free glass of wine is your best friend and tastes sooooo good. Sunday was another solid day for the duo over fences. It was great to see the progress and Faith's confidence grow in just one show. I can't wait to watch these two grow and learn from each other over this next year. We will be doing a mixture of local and rated shows throughout the season. Traveling to these long weekend horse shows is exhausting, but also rewarding in more ways than one. There is a comradery that forms with the team while at these events and riders get unlimited time to bond with their horse over those multiple days. Can't wait for our next adventure of 2021.

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