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06. Theories The theory of evolution, sometimes called Darwinism, is the scientific theory of how life on Earth has developed from simpler forms through a series of common ancestors. The theory of relativity, sometimes called Einstein's Theory, is the theory of physical concepts and laws which explains the phenomena observed and measured in the theory of special relativity and special relativity in nature. Metaphysics is the study of ultimate and fundamental questions concerning the nature of reality. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that explores the fundamental questions about the nature of the world, reality, existence, and our place in it. Statistical mechanics is a branch of physics that studies the statistical behavior of physical systems in thermal equilibrium. Statistical mechanics is typically used to describe the behavior of large ensembles of particles or collections of particles. The theory of the global financial system is a branch of economics that attempts to understand and explain the structure, behavior, and relationships of the financial system in terms of the decisions and interactions of investors, banks, corporations, governments, central banks, and other financial institutions and private agents. The theory of anthropology is a science that studies human beings and their behavior. In an anthropological context, "theory" denotes a set of explanatory principles and rules. Anthropology is about how and why people behave the way they do, which is in contrast to sociology, which is concerned with how people behave in certain contexts, regardless of why. The theory of artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science and philosophy that deals with the concepts and creation of intelligent machines. It was a major concern in the work of the philosophers John Locke and René Descartes. The theory of artificial life is an area of artificial intelligence that deals with the idea of building virtual life, with the goal of making them better than real life, just as the human life is better than the life of animals. The theory of cosmology, also known as Big Bang cosmology, is a physical theory that describes the universe in terms of its origin, composition, evolution, and future. It is an essential component of the Big Bang theory, which is a widely accepted theory in modern physics. Theory of computation is a branch of computer science that deals with the principles of computation. The theory of humor is a branch of literary studies which attempts to understand the sociological, psychological, physiological, and contextual factors that influence the production and reception of humor. The theory of




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Nightwish, Wishmaster Full Album Zipgolkes halsal

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