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For the Love of Rescues

Don't get my wrong, I love our little monster. We shopped and shopped till we found this adorable chestnut in New Jersey and that in itself is a story for a different day!! He has been well loved and spoiled his entire life. He was accustom to the hunter horse show life and lots of treats. He has my daughter's heart and he is even patient with her occasional attitudes.

My amazement is with the rescue horses that are at the barn. My daughter's first leased horse was a rescue named Chance. He was the older large pony at the barn that had been through it all. He was such a patient soul. He graciously was the subject while my daughter and I learned the ins and outs of tacking up a horse. I will never forget the side eye he would give if your weren't tacking him up correctly. When I learned he was a rescue, I didn't understand fully what that encompassed since I had only known Chance as the loyal and sweet pony we loved and had taught Faith so much about the world of horses.

Faith and Chance

Throughout the years, the barn has been introduced to many rescues and to see their progression from starving and scared to healthy, happy, and flourishing is just short of magical. These were horses that supposedly no one wanted and were to be sent to slaughter. They may not have perfect confirmation or the perfect "look", but what they don't have, they make up for it with heart.

In February 2019, a new rescue was delivered to the barn. He was the most adorable paint pony. Our trainer will always take name suggestions and he was given the name Sherwin. I mean how cute? You get it? Paint Pony...Sherwin Williams.... Sherwin was timid, but sweet as pie when I had the chance to first meet him. His poor was short, so it must have been stepped on or cut while he was in one of those crazy packed trailers. At the same time Sherwin came to the barn, my daughter was becoming independent as a rider. I was not allowed to help with her pony. Hell, I wasn't even allowed to give her pony treats!!! I told our trainer that Sherwin was my adopt - a - pony that I could hang out with since I wasn't able to give love to our own pony.

Over the past year and half, I have watched this little rescue do great with learning the way of the hunter pony. I will never forget one lesson, the trainer was holding him in the middle of the ring while she taught. He was calmly watching all the other horses, as if he was trying to learn what his job was going to be. I was so excited the day I learned that my daughter got to flat Sherwin around the ring. While he still is not a fan of the wash stall, or things near his ears, he has the sweetest, kindest soul and melts my heart every time I get to see him.

Sherwin and Faith

I would be remiss if I did not talk about and recognize the hours of training and patience that it takes to help these rescues along. I can give them a bath, hugs and treats, and that is where my contributions end. For those out there who give these horses a second chance - THANK YOU!!!!! You are the real heroes out there - not only to the horses you save but to so many who have been touched by those rescue horses throughout the years.

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