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Ready for the Horse World?

I started this blog to share my experiences while learning about the horse world.

My daughter caught the bug when my Dad put her on a pony when she was 3. She would do the pony rides at fairs and did a few lessons here and there, but nothing serious. I thought phew, I escaped.

Fast forward to 2015..... my daughter, Faith, is 9 years old and asked to start lesson again. I find a Parks and Rec program that offered a once a week program for 6 weeks. Little did I know, this would take me on a journey that would catapult us to full on horse people in 2020!!!

Here is the phased progression, so far...

Phase 1: Weekly Lessons

Phase 2: Home Horse Shows

Phase 3: Half Leasing a Horse at the Farm**my mind was blown that this was even a thing**

Phase 4: Off Site Horse Showing **at the beginning of this phase, I thought we can do this 2 or 3 times a season**

Phase 5: Off Site Leasing a Horse **wait....I'm now paying a chunk of money only to have the horse for a year AND pay board? But it will be the best for my daughter, so it's worth it**

Phase 6: Ok it's the same as Phase 4, but we are going to an off site show almost every weekend!!!!!! Oh and we bought a trailer. Yep...i.have officially lost my damn mind.

Phase 7: Horse Shopping **I took a vacation, but that was only to drive up and down the east coast to look at horses, thank goodness for hotel points!!**

Phase 8: Buying a Horse **What did I just do??**

Phase 9: A Rated Shows **this is the new phase this year and so much more to learn**

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